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The Cosmic Computation Laboratory is a worker-owned technology research studio being germinated by J.H. Gold & an organic global motley crew of artists, musicians, lightworkers, computer-hippies, hippie-hippies & all-around creative enigmas from Portland to Amsterdam.

We are planting seeds, building experimental creative tooling for high-vibrational artists & musicians, researching resilient P2P information tools for a post-capitalist era, and using our work to model our utopian ethics.

We have deep expertise in anti-disciplinary design, full-stack web & mobile development, and more creative programming paradigms than you can shake a roll of WS2812Bs at.

You can hire us via email, or dream of a better world with us on Discord. We also have a newsletter for occasional updates, Joseph Campbell quotes, & vibes.

In light & love; together,


Also available on the peer-to-peer web with Beaker hyper://a1399bc69709e26e5f6b49c92e4045ea7c254ff0ed04ff0efbb49479a8cd9d61/

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